October 31, 2016: Relativity's 5th anniversary! Join the celebration here!

Gale City. A metropolis riddled with crime, controlled by the mob, and with a police force struggling to keep up. The citizens have come to expect corruption and go about their daily lives, resigned to the fact things will always be that way.

Until a hero from the past re-appears...

Relativity follows the adventures of the crimefighter The Black Torrent and his teammates. Committed to making a change, the group juggle life, work, and relationships, while secretly donning a costume nightly to protect the city. Though based around the superhero mythos, the story is about the human beings behind the masks and the relationships that bind them. Whether forged in blood or circumstance, family is relative.

Relativity is primarily a prose-based series. However, in the spirit of comic books, art is incorporated both into the individuals stories and around the site to help give a more colorful view of the universe.

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Current Update Schedule: New stories are published (for the most part) twice a month. Bonus content and art are published once a week, usually on Tuesdays.


What's New

October 31, 2016: Relativity's 5th anniversary! Join the celebration here!

October 27, 2016: Jumpstart coming. Read about it here.

September 26, 2016: A brief note about publication and our schedule.

September 7, 2016: New music & update schedule


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